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ELEVATOR is a Lithuania-based strategic transformation agency. Replace organizational inertia with data driven transformative action. Hop on the ELEVATOR if you are going up.
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Which Floor is your Company on?

And how are you doing moving up? Perhaps you feel that there are unbreakable forces at play that are stopping your elevation. And you find yourself in a position of a cartoon character who’s running up the mall escalator but is not moving an inch because the current is working against him.

Here’s the hard truth: most business owners eventually find themselves in this cartoonish role. The reactions, however, are different. Some continue to fight against the current or keep smashing their head against the ceiling. Bare business survival is considered an achievement even if the effort consumes an owner’s/CEO’s personal life. Others don’t like to play Sisyphean and cartoonish roles. The mark of true wisdom is to know when to step off the counter- current escalator, to think things through, and find a new way to elevate one’s business.

Only Leaders See a Secret Button

If Sisyphus had an ELEVATOR all his sufferings would have been prevented. Whether they know it or not, business owners who are suffering from stagnation, unproductive workplace emotions, and daily crisis management are in dire need of an ELEVATOR as well.

But only true leaders can see the secret button. Only they know how to take the ELEVATOR up to a next level of business evolution. Welcome to ELEVATOR, a strategic business transformation agency that helps you press the “UP” button.

Verslininkas pataiko strėlyte į taikinį

Replace organizational inertia with data driven transformative action. Hop on the ELEVATOR if you are going up.

Yes, there’s always a thousand ‘buts’. Business leaders can be very creative in coming up with reasons and excuses why correct business decisions must be postponed or rejected. After all, it’s not that simple, our company is different, some employees would not understand it, let’s wait for better times, etc. Just as parents are irrationally inclined to think of their child as unique, special and incomparable to any other child, business owners tend to think the same way of their companies. This same emotional commitment that has helped you grow your business can now be holding it back. Mindaugas Liaukonis, experienced C level manager, PhD in mathematics and founder of ELEVATOR agency, believes that, while such emotional commitment is important for entrepreneurs in the early stages of growth, it can become a hindrance as a company matures: „As a company matures and becomes large enough, equations for further growth must cut through the emotional fog and respect the power of the numbers.“ Once such equations are applied, it soon becomes evident that the so called ‘unique situations’ are actually common organizational challenges resulting from clearly identifiable causes. Once these causes are dealt with, an enterprise can hop on board the ELEVATOR and reach a new floor, leaving the emotional fog behind.

At ELEVATOR, we believe that in order to curate strategic transformations, it is important to rely on mathematics and data-driven decision-making rather than unproductive workplace emotions, over-attachments, and excuses. And that’s what the ELEVATOR team brings to the table. We help leaders see that the walls and ceilings they were struggling with were mere perceptions. We help leaders see, and use, ELEVATORs instead.

Some can talk the talk. Others prefer doing and delivering results. Some prioritize advance payments and expensive never-ending processes. Others prefer accountability and are ready to tie financial rewards with pre-agreed KPI’s.

While one-time consultations can be valuable for leaders, the ELEVATOR team is at its best when given accountability tasked with specific targets. Only by taking full responsibility for our ideas, methods, actions can we deliver on our promise to move your business up. Our strategic transformation experts can assume the positions of board members, caretaker CEOs, or external consultants. Whatever the legal form, we walk the walk, not just talk the talk. By employing a unique data-driven methodology to curate the entire strategic transformation process which includes (but is limited to) business planning, reorganization, standardization of key processes, restructuring, risk prevention, etc. Once the pre- agreed KPIs are reached, we can shake hands and move our own ways. But don’t worry about saying goodbye – by that time the ELEVATOR will have already elevated your enterprise to a new stage of evolution.

Many business consultants present themselves, give consultation or advice and when payment received, they leave the client and result is unclear. The advice may sound logical, but your situation may be unique. How to solve the problem in real circumstances? Where is the result?

According to ELEVATOR values, we choose a different approach - a result-oriented process. We delve into your problem, find out its causes. We agree on the metrics that should be achieved in order to claim that the issue is resolved, and the timeframe within which we will achieve it. We accompany you throughout this challenging path, guiding you “by the hand”, implementing change together with your team. You pay a success fee when it is done and real result is achieved. In short, in all cases, we examine the problem or obstacle to business development, we discuss the target result and the time it takes to achieve it. The reward is when we achieve the result within the agreed time. No risk, no empty promises or recommendations, just purposeful ascent.

Lifto durys atsidaro

ELEVATOR is a Lithuania-based strategic transformation agency serving change-hungry companies. 

We help organizations free themselves from chronic problems, organizational intertia, and unproductive workplace emotions that are holding them back. We unleash the power of data-driven rational action to help realize every organization’s true potential. Where others hit the ceiling and see doors that just wouldn’t open, true leaders see ELEVATORs that can move their business up.

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