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We are strategic transformation agency

By being deeply committed in making strategic decisions, we will help your business grow faster, implement the necessary transformations or overcome crisis situations.
Verslininkas ant kalno šviečia su prožektoriumi į visatos dangų
Critical thinking
Cause-effect link
Synthesis with experience
Daug strėlių sminga į taikinį

"For many years, I managed successfully large and medium Lithuanian and international companies - in all cases we achieved the goals set and completed successful business transformations. I know what to do when the business is going downwind and when strong headwinds begin to blow. Today, I share my experience and competences with businesses that are not afraid to look ahead."


Our Team

Mindaugas Liaukonis is a business development professional with more than twenty years of leadership experience in corporate change management.

"I can find answers to questions, predict consequences and make effective decisions. I am motivated by the challenges that arise and I believe that there are several possibilities out of a hopeless situation! What helps me to delve into your situation, listen and hear? A sincere desire and determination to help your business grow in the right direction for you."

Mindaugas' competences:

  • Identifying the cause of a problem and implementing solutions and managing change process until the result is achieved
  • Strategic planning and executive management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance, budget, cost management
  • Structure and processes
  • Production efficiency

"I do not engage in motivational and non-binding talks about business problems. Most of all, I like to act and achieve the intended result."

Mindaugas Liaukonis
Rūta Gvazdaitienė, Finansų optimizavimo ekspertė ELEVATOR.LT
Rūta Gvazdaitienė

Financial optimization expert

Financial management professional with extensive experience as a financial director and CEO. Her knowledge and analytical skills, decision-making accuracy and ability to optimize finances help the organization to maximize profits and minimize risks.
Silvija Petrošiūtė, Personalo (HR) ekspertė ELEVATOR.LT
Silvija Petrošiūtė

HR expert

HR professional, working in personnel management for more than twenty years. Helps to find and select the right people for the most necessary positions. Has good contact and communication skills with people of all ages, educational levels, ethnicities, nationalities and social backgrounds. In companies, she usually is in a role of a strategic personnel manager - personnel planning, budgeting and control in coordination with the business strategy of the entire company.

Silvija emphasizes: "I have always been a 'playing coach'. In several client companies, I was responsible for the areas of employee safety and health, public and internal relations, general document management, work with external government institutions (Labor Inspection, Social Security, Migration Services, etc.), work with trade unions in negotiating and signing collective agreements and other tasks typical of a personnel manager. In individual cases, my task when entering the company is to prepare HR management strategy and other related areas within the agreed time, predict tactical steps and, after preparing an internal person for that work, to step back."
Ugnius-Savickas, Inovacinių pokyčių ekspertas ELEVATOR.LT
Ugnius Savickas

An expert in changes by innovations

Ugnius is a consultant for organizations, managers and management teams with 20 years of consulting and lecturing experience, which includes development and implementation of educational programs, moderation of strategic sessions and innovation facilitation activities.

Ugnius: "I am a provocateur for changes, innovations, bolder knowledge, growth. I consult businesses of various sizes, prepare systematic education projects and implement them, so I can apply my professional knowledge to accelerate personal and business growth."

Dainius Urbonavičius Lean 6 Sigma Master
Dainius Urbanavičius

Process expert
Lean 6 Sigma Master Black Belt

Process consultant and coach with 25 years of experience helping over 100 organizations improve value processing.


Dainius: „"Lean implementations" that were focused on quick results failed. Even though they emphasized value, flow, and other important TPS elements, the core component of Lean is... continuous improvement! A long-term perspective and running an ultramarathon. That's what made Toyota what it is today.
Organizations with a long-term role can only stay under the sun through continuous improvement. Just as we brush our teeth every morning and exercise to take care of our bodies, so organizations must find time for continuous improvement. Otherwise - backwardness, shame and degradation.“


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