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Strategic Transformation Services

The service package has naturally been formed within many years of experience in solving business crises and problems in Lithuanian and international large and medium-sized business companies, where the set goals were always achieved. Also, many years of improvement and deepening of knowledge in business academies, trainings, seminars and scientific programs with the best business practitioners.

Kylantis lėktuvas palieka danguje žymę

The 3-step practice produces the best results, no matter what business equation we're tackling

Fundamental Problem

1. Finding the fundamental and problem case that hinders the company's growth

Effective Solution

2. Creating an effective solution to the problem

Help to Result

3. "Hands on" assistance in implementing a business decision until the result is achieved

We are useful and helpful when?

  1. The manager sees or feels a problem in the business that hinders development.
  2. The company has got a production, personnel, growth or market loss crisis.
  3. A difficult business situation needs to be resolved.
  4. The management's results do not meet the shareholders' expectations.
  5. Inefficient business processes, it is necessary to reorganize the company or a department, introduce new operating methods.
  6. The organization is no longer developing and quick, drastic decisions are necessary to correct the situation.
  7. It is critical for the company to successfully implement a strategic project.
  8. Everything is fine, but business efficiency and profitability need to be increased.
  9. The shareholder of the company intends to step down from the executive management.
  10. When the company needs a interim manager or the entire management team.
Žaibai simbolizuoja verslo iššūkius


We understand that problems in business can be diverse, so we can not list all the services to cover them. Here we can emphasize some of the most common and important ones.
In all cases, we examine the problem or obstacle to business development, we discuss the target result and the time it takes to achieve it. The reward is when we achieve the result within the agreed timeframe. No risk, no empty promises or recommendations, just purposeful ascent.
  1. Assist in solving crisis situations (growth crisis, market loss crisis, process loss crisis, personnel crisis, production crisis, etc.);
  2. Analytics, search for strategic solutions;
  3. Help in finding business problem situations and solutions;
  4. Support in implementing changes:
    · Help in creating change goals, measurements, choosing methods of their implementation;
    · Assistance in preparing change implementation plans;
    · We lead by the hand along the whole path of change.
  5. We agree on the target result and time. Success fee for the achieved result within the agreed timeframe.


  1. Strategic business management issues;
  2. Financial optimization issues;
  3. Personnel management issues;
  4. In cases of product or service innovation.


  1. Market size, competition and organizational opportunities;
  2. Goals, strategy, selection of indicators and transformation into tasks;
  3. Distribution of responsibilities in the team and process management;
  4. Operational planning;
  5. Performance supervision and accountability.
  1. Organizational structures;
  2. Teams;
  3. Processes;
  4. New products or services;
  5. Core and side business reorganization into separate legal units.
  1. Analysis of production processes;
  2. Increasing production efficiency, flow and throughput;
  3. Implementation of tools and principles:
  • Theory of Constraints (TOC) - success or performance of the whole production, it is sufficient to focus the effort onto the weakest link, finding a constraint (weakest link) and forcing the system to exploit the constraint;
  • Lean manufacturing (LEAN) – elimination of non-value-creating activities.
  1. Efficient modern management functions implementation;
  2. Business process structuring, distribution of responsibilities, refinement of functions;
  3. Refinement and enabling of performance and progress indicators;
  4. Risk identification and proposal of tools and solutions to manage them;
  5. Effective solutions implementation.